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As a financial professional, I know the importance of arming yourself with knowledge to help create the best financial plan for your future. The No-Compromise Retirement Plan and The New Holistic Retirement aim to help you address important questions that pertain to your retirement planning needs to help you gain clarity and get closer to reaching your goals now and in retirement. Request your free copies here to get started!

The New Holistic Retirement


For any saver who’s ever wondered “Am I doing this right?,” The book, “The New Holistic Retirement” can help give you the guidance and confidence to answer, “Yes.”

Many savers are operating under an old set of rules — rules that were created and tested decades ago for market conditions that no longer exist today. “The New Holistic Retirement” is your guidebook to the risks you face as a saver today… and the “new rules” you can use to overcome them. Click below to request your complimentary copy today!

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Market conditions and increasing lifespans have likely left many savers with uncomfortable decisions when it comes to retirement. Compromise has become a necessity in financial planning, but it doesn’t have to be that way. “The No-Compromise Retirement Plan” is an innovative, analysis-based approach to help overcome the three biggest compromises you may be making today, so you can live the happy retirement you deserve tomorrow. Click below to request your complimentary copy today!

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About Joseph Donti

When anyone asks Joe what he does for a living, his answer is simple: “I’m a financial junkie!”

Joe’s dad was a contractor and initially, Joe followed in his footsteps. He liked the feeling he got from seeing a job through to completion. He’s said that he “loved the fact that when a job was done I could see it and touch it. There’s something so visceral about building.”

After founding an independent contracting business then transitioning into the “go-to” set-builder for many major movie productions – including blockbusters like “Pulp Fiction”, “Independence Day”, and “Men in Black” – Joe met a client who persuaded him to build something new; something that would shine a light on his natural leadership skills.

Joe jumped head-first into the world of financial services. Starting from scratch in a new industry wasn’t easy but. using his blue-collar work ethic developed in the construction industry. It wasn’t long before Joe was off and running.

With the help of his wife, Patty, they developed the Retire Better Plan, a proprietary process designed to help clients conceptualize and construct their own unique financial plan.

About Solutions First Financial Group

For some, financial independence may mean continuing to work in a job they love or maybe pursuing a passion through volunteering. For others, it could mean the freedom to spend their time with family or by traveling and exploring the world. Wherever your journey takes you, it’s vital to think about what financial independence looks like for you.

What lies at the foundation of all the relationships we develop is a solid strategy that helps influence our holistic recommendations throughout our long-term partnership. Solutions First Financial Group considers all of your unique characteristics and the economic realities of your life to develop a comprehensive solution for your financial future. Life’s most important wealth management decisions occur at every step of your journey, not just at the beginning or the end. Wherever you are in life’s journey, it’s our mission to help connect you with your ideal future.